Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Feb. 4.

It was early on Saturday, but once we were up there it was sunny and warm. Kind of like going to the beach for the day, except that we were recording bib numbers as they crossed the finish line on the cross country ski race at Soldier Hollow.  They did provide us with lunch and gave each volunteer two free day passes to their resort. I at least walked way with a sun burned face and a good dose of vitamin D!!!

I decided to work a little on the sheets in this painting and have some fun with the light shinning through them.  There is still more to go on it and I have been thinking it might not be too bad to have a basket of cloths on the ground there bellow the tree, it might help to add a little interest over on the right side.  And I certainly can not forget the clothes line, can't really have floating laundry in the wind. 

Richard Boyer

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