Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Feb. 11

Ron at the May Gallery wants me to squeeze in one more 40x30 inch painting before I go down to Scottsdale for my show next week.  He is still working with some client who claims to be looking for several vertical paintings of mine; we will see about that!

I did a smaller version of this several years back and decided to try a larger one now.  The steps will be the real fun part, they were so broken up it will make the viewer take care as they visually walk up them. I'll try and capture the heat of the day on the stone as well.

Last Friday night my daughter played the lead role in Shakespeare's The Tempest at her school.  We were all so proud of her as she carried and captivated the audience with her voice.  She played the role of Prospero and had some two hundred lines to memorize for the production, all without a single mistake!!!

Richard Boyer

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