Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I added a few figures in it today and worked more on the stairs; so it is getting close.  Tomorrow I think I'll start looking it over carefully to see where I can play certain parts of it up, or diminish areas down.  Its the orchestration part now.

So looks like Dave pulled a permit for the San Juan River again in the beginning of May.  I wouldn't mind fining another artist or two to go along.  The last couple times its been just Neuroscientists analyzing the lack of cell phones in nature….right, talk about a waist of government money.

Might be better to sponsor a few artists instead!

Richard Boyer

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  1. You mean this "study"?

    Such "profound" insights to be had:

    "Mr. Kramer says the group has become more reflective, quieter, more focused on the surroundings. “If I looked around like this at work, people would think I was goofing off,” he says.

    Who ever would have thought that 3 days on a river would make you "more reflective, quieter, more focused on the surroundings".

    I guess that's what they get the advanced degrees (and big bucks) for, right?

    -- Dark Tent