Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I’m back in the studio now painting away; actually I got home Sunday night and was painting on Monday, but feeling a little queasy in the stomach. Something just wasn’t quite right. I went to the model session at Rick’s that evening and produced this piece, but the whole time had this feeling of impending doom. Another words I was coming down with something, it’s been going around the family for the last few weeks, so I figured it must be my turn! That evening the joints hurt and I was shaking with fever. At three in the morning I found out what it was churning in me, the 24 hour stomach flu. I felt like I was hit by a freight train. Tuesday was a day of rest, feeling like something the cat dragged home, just watching mindless DVD’s on the television and generally just hating life.

Today it’s much better. I started the morning out with a steaming, stout cup of coffee, my wife shot me an inquisitive look, “you’re drinking that after a stomach flu?!” I was figuring 24 hours is twenty-four hours, it should be gone and out of the system. My stomach complained a little, but at least it stayed down. I was ready to go, so today I worked on a small beach piece, just blocking in for now. Southam Gallery is having a show on the 8th of the month and maybe a few beach paintings might be in order.

Last Saturday night the opening show at the May Gallery went well; they sold another larger 30x40 and had a couple very interested in a 24x36 Amsterdam painting I did, but they wanted more time to decide about it, so we shall see. As they say the economy does seem to be picking up. They did put on a good spread with food and wine, so everyone was in a happy mood and we avoided all the freeloaders who come for the free wine on Thursday night gallery walk.

The real test will be how they do during the next couple of months. I’m hoping for the best!


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