Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So here is my result from the figure session last night. I feel I need to bring some more cool colors into the figure. But the problem being, since we are painting in the evening indoors with artificial lighting, the model is bathed in to warm a light. Somehow I always end up painting faithfully just what I see and I need to get away from that and lie a little with some cooler colors like blues and greens.

I worked on the water today and added the figures on the bridge and yes, threw some flowers on the buildings. It’s not like I’m lying or anything, Brugge seems to be dripping with flowers around every corner to the point sometimes of being overkill. They actually have a committee that goes around making sure the floral decorations are kept up to standard. If you don’t take care of your flowers underneath your window, by watering them and pulling out the dead stuff, you might just be fined.

It’s a hard life living in these picture perfect medieval towns, but somebody’s got to do it!!!

Richard Boyer

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