Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I went back into the piece here and re-worked the figure on the bridge, the umbrella needed some work. Carlie was wondering why the umbrella on a sunny day? But I’m shooting for that old fashion romantic feeling with the white shade umbrella they used in days of yore! Sorry Carlie, it’s staying! A few walls were also darkened down in shadow areas here and there, as well as the stone bridge in more reflected orange light. Now it’s ready for transport down to Scottsdale, dripping wet as usual. This is why my wife complains about the car smelling of oil paint when I get back from these trips.

I’ll load up the car tonight and set out tomorrow morning for the long ten hour drive down there. Actually it’s not that bad, going down through the picturesque small towns along highway 89 through southern Utah, then over the north rim of the Grand Canyon down to Lees Ferry and the Colorado. From there it’s a few hours through the deserts of the Navaho Reservation until you hit the high mountains around Flagstaff. I really like the descent from the Ponderosa Pines at 7000 down to the Saguaro Cactus near sea level in Scottsdale.

Most of the work is already there, but I’ll still have about five paintings in the car along with the easel, the easel so I can touch up a few older pieces when I am there. People love to see the artist with easel out painting away on a piece. I’ll be staying at Dan and Elaine May’s house in the evenings and parking myself in the gallery during the day. The opening night is Saturday for my one man show. Ron, the owner thought it best than doing it on the Thursday night Gallery walk, which I kind of agree. The only people that seem to come in on Gallery walk nights are the kids looking for free wine!!!....and they never buy anything.


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