Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tomorrow we are off for the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, Oregon; weather looks good for driving. Just a little too good, this lack of snow is getting on everyone’s nerves. Skiing on grass isn’t much fun!

The drive if all goes right will take about ten hours, ten hours of driving along some of the most isolated roads in the West, especially through Eastern Oregon.

I had a few errands to do today so not much was done on the boat painting, just a little on the middle boat. I’ll have time to attack it again when I get back into town on Monday.



  1. Hi Richard, glad you had a good start into the new year! I did a little research on the web and found your homepage! Do you remember me (Jörg Westphal) and Volker Petersen? I still think back to the beautiful vacation, you've volker and allows me to 1985, with Larry and the beautiful red car without working airconditioning in death valley... :-)
    If you want to contact me or volker need my EMail: Volkers is:
    Many greetings from Kiel sends Jörg

  2. Hi, Jörg

    It's me, Larry!

    That car had no AC period (not that I can recall).

    And the only thing in that car that actually worked (at least properly) was the radio, which I always turned up very loud to drown out all the noises with the (failing) engine and brakes.

    I will never forget driving up out of Death Valley across some of the most desolate terrain in the country with the gas needle on empty the whole way to the town of Bishop, which was some 40 miles away.

    I can't remember who (you or Volker) commented that "Das Auto fährt ohne Benzin!"

    Richard and I drove that car for 3 more years after that trip. Even drove it from Utah to NY and back once in the dead of winter.

    Ask Richard some time about the 540 degree spin we did in the middle of the Wyoming highway on a sheet of black ice. That car did not like to go in a straight line (I think it was designed that way)



    my email is