Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Jan 16

I started another 40x30 piece here for the May Gallery. A few summers ago when we were in Provence, in the town of Bonnieux I passed this small alley on the way up to the top of the village. The noon-day sun was high over head and the light was just illuminating the stone walkway in front of the wall. There are some flowers in the pots to the right that will really add some color.

This was blocked in on Saturday

And then today’s work.

Richard Boyer

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  1. This will be spectacular!

    I have a 30x40 of France hanging in my living room. I love the light and feel of these old streets/alleys and how they bring color and life to them with their beautiful flowers. I don't think the feeling of being there ever leaves us... I sent this painting to gallery for one season. I was so happy to see it return, I declared it mine.