Friday, January 13, 2012


The crit session went well last night. Mysteriously with one of the crit members absent, no wine glasses were broken. My fingers were still thawing out from our late afternoon skate ski workout in Millcreek Canyon. The Utah Nordic Alliance was meeting there for their 4:30 Thursday training session and the temperature gauge in the car was reading 16 degrees. Sunlight basically never reaches this canyon in winter time; so our ski up the icy snow was cold on the fingers. Halfway up they were feeling like ice blocks.

From the notes I worked on two older pieces today. This first one just needed a bit more light on the heads and a small flower pot in the girl’s hand. I also submitted it to the Raymar on-line art competition, so we shall see how it does?

This next piece is an Amsterdam work I did several years back. Maybe back when I was quite naïve, as the song goes! But here I added a lot more contrast in the water to see if that would save it. The blue was much too dark before, so now that it is lighter it also has a better sense of sunlight on the water.

Richard Boyer

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