Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year is here; time to make amends and some of those classic resolutions that will last two weeks. We had some friends over for a nice dinner in the evening and drank good wine until the wee hours of the morning; except for that firework interruption at midnight. It was actually a very relaxing time and fun to catch up with some old friends. Unfortunately the next morning was just a little cloudy though and I don’t mean the weather.

Sunday was one of those lying around days. Plenty of coffee and a healthy brunch of eggs, potatoes and what ever kind of meat we could find in the refrigerator helped. Finally around three in the afternoon I though enough was enough and I started a 24x36 boat painting for Southam Gallery.

It started first as a block-in to get the composition done, the perfect project when you are tired from the night before.

And then today I progressed on to the background. Since the masts and rigging will be covering over that part it made sense to paint it first.

I’ll see if I can get this done before I drive to Bend, Oregon. This Thursday Rick Graham and I will be heading out there for our two man show at the Mockingbird Gallery. Last week I sent off about eight pieces, so hopefully they should be arriving there today or tomorrow. We’ll stay a few days and come back on Sunday. Jim, the owner was talking about skiing at Mt Bachelor, but with no snow in the West that doesn’t sound too promising. The idea of skiing on man made snow down the beginner runs could be fairly lame.

Richard Boyer

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