Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Jan 30

I started another 24x30 block-in just so I can work on several at a time and keep everything a little fresher with each piece. This scene is Sofia, one of our relatives going out in their boat on a lake in Sweden. It should be a fun one with all the reflections in the water contrasting against the green lily pads.

We spent the weekend up at the cabin, where a foot and a half of new snow had fallen; and also where the small narrow unimproved private road became covered in slick frozen packed snow. Our car was sliding backwards as we tried to drive up the steep incline. After three attempts we decided a little speed would be the answer. So I backed up some distance and tried to get the spinning tires up to second gear on the icy road. The momentum carried the car high enough up the incline so the front tires were able to grip on a patch of exposed asphalt. We continued farther up to within 50 feet of the cabin there the road had not been plowed; a foot of fresh snow blocked our way. We spent about an hour Friday night digging out the entrance so we could pull the car in to unload all our gear. The hillside was a winter wonderland with thick snow clinging to every branch; it was Christmas all over again.

Richard Boyer

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