Thursday, April 21, 2011


So before we left on the camping trip Victor had a runny nose and was complaining about the aching feelings of a cold. After that the ensuing fate was set for every family member; it was just a matter of time. One by one we came down with the same symptoms and on the last day, driving home it was my turn to pay the piper. I have been carrying a Kleenex box around for the last couple of days contemplating my existence.

But one can not complain its back to the 9-5 job again, back to reality. Spring break is over, deal with it!

I worked on this old piece today. I’ve been changing the arm around a bit, because it looked a little like it was pasted on. And once again it still looks odd, so maybe I just need to stand back and stare at it for a bit. That’s why it’s good to have several pieces in the works. Tomorrow I’ll occupy my time with something a little different and maybe, just maybe the answer will come to me next week.

Richard Boyer

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