Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It was one of those days, when you know not much was done. Robert came over with what he figured was a small task, wondering if he could borrow some of your time and in usual fashion that small task ends up taking most of the morning. For some @#%# reason he wanted to dump all his 500 pictures and video clips off of his iphone on to my computer. We are talking about two minute clips of his cat lying on the floor…….the cat was just lying still. I thought it was dead at first until after a minute the tail flipped over to the other side of it. Normally this would be an easy task, but Robert is jinxed, so either the phone was bad, the video clips bad or some else went wrong. After an hour I had to climb back out of the black hole and tell him it was enough. I need to get back to work! Unless he wanted me to hit the delete option, which I was so ready to do. Movie clips should not be about your pet cat lying around in some lethargic state.

So I painted slowly on the right side in the background and a little on the figure holding up the Maypole.

Richard Boyer

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  1. This is why Robert should not know where anyone lives.