Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The skies were dark over Salt Lake City today, another warm system blowing through the valley with rain. Yesterday we were up at Mountain Dell for some skate skiing and it was warm and slushy. As it got later in the afternoon the slush turned to ice and after today’s rain showers I’m not sure there will be anything left up there. What we need is another cold front from the arctic

I spent this morning working on the cafĂ© at the water front level. The boat, which in reality was a garbage scowl for a renovation project, was changed into a grocery supply barge. The cinder blocks were replaced by crates of produce and with the addition of a few figures it now fits in much better. So as a result of the changes, things took a little longer than I thought and I couldn’t get to the water today.

Here is a small close up of the area; maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to work on the water!

Richard Boyer

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