Thursday, January 27, 2011


This piece most likely needs another session, but still I got quite a bit done on it today. I’m sure Zorn could have put the sea grass in a lot better than me and I admit the background water might be a little rich in blue color. Once it dries a few days then it will be easy to glaze over with some yellow ochre to knock it down.

We have another model session at Bryce’s place tonight form six to nine, then the crit afterwards at Nick’s. Today will be one of those busy painting days.

I sent Ron Bailey from the May Gallery a picture of our model session from Monday; the girl reclining with the cigar in a rather un-lady like pose. I kind of knew what his response would be, basically who the hell would buy that ! But what can I say, it’s a practice session. The main point is to be better at painting the figure, so I’ll practice when ever I get the chance. Still its nice to send the results off to somebody in the gallery business to get their view point… matter how brutal it might be!

One thing I am doing is using Anders Zorn’s pallet for the figurative paintings. I have Titanium White, Ivory Black, Cadmium red light and yellow Ochre……that’s it !

Richard Boyer

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