Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Forgive me, it’s been a while since my last entry, sounds like a Catholic Church doesn’t it?

Sunday we went up to the cabin to try some back-country skiing. At seven thousand feet it was still raining, this warm front that pushed through the state had brought havoc to the snow pack. The day started out overcast and we had a little apprehension about even going out into it, but the sky just looked grey with nothing more. Naturally when we made it to our goal; a small creek in the middle of a snowy meadow far away from the car, it started to drizzle. The snow was slowly being transformed into a soupy massed potato type consistency. With the skies becoming darker with heavy cloud cover, we decided it best to get back as fast as possible. Back to the cabin for some warm hot chocolate and snacks. The dog was dressed up for the occasion, whether it liked that or not is still to be determined. She didn’t seem to be too embarrassed.

Monday was a holiday so Victor, Lina and I went up to Alta for a half day of skiing. As it turned out, it was a half day of skiing on ice. All that rain had frozen during the night and turned the slopes into a hard ice pack. Skis were chattering over the top and people falling left and right, it was nevertheless a challenge to make it down sometimes. The wind was blowing so hard they had to close down half of the chairlifts by afternoon. There were a few spots where Lina, with her weight being so light, was blown back up the hill.

Today it was back to painting again, an architectural study of Amsterdam. I spent much of the time working on the hotel to the right. With all the lines and angles it had to be right and in fact there might still be some things off with it, but at least its all basically knocked in with respects to the architecture. Tomorrow I’ll work on the café below and the water.

Richard Boyer

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