Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well Jim at Mockingbird found a buyer for this big 40x40 I did, but I guess he knows Portland and wants the artists mistake corrected. I was interested in capturing a certain kind of light quality in the painting and felt it needed a strong vertical on the left side. So I made up a building, a rather large building and have now been busted…it doesn't exist. Okay, okay I learned my lesson, never make stuff up in a city-scape…somebody will call me on it every time. I was originally thinking of sending it to Scottsdale where the buyer wouldn't really know the city of Portland, just be interested in the light quality.

Now Jim is mailing me back the painting to correct the problem. I need to paint the tall building out and figure some other solution, maybe a tree branch or something!  I just found it funny that I was caught in the act of making up a building..

Yesterday I figured I should also start a new 40x40 for his gallery since he sold this one so fast. This is a view of the river flowing through Portland with city traffic on the bridge. I want to have it really glowing on the bridge and bring some of it down into the water.

Today I just worked on bringing the colors into the piece, there is a nice sense of purple in the sky that I want to capture. The water was too wet with paint to really work on any detail, I guess I went too thick with the paint yesterday, so I'll have to wait a few days for it to set up. I'm excited about this view I really think it will turn out good.

Richard Boyer

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