Friday, October 2, 2015


A couple of days ago I did this small 12x18 study of Portland in a blue and purple light.  Well it turned out rather nice so I figured it would make a good large format.

So I stretched up a 40x40 canvas and am trying it as a square painting. I still have a few more days on it, right now I can tell the trees will need some more light, they seem a little too dark.  I mixed up a large quantity of paint and put much of the road down with a big 2 inch pallet knife and I'm liking what I see so far.  There are some horizontal road crossing lines in the foreground that I want to get in but after the thick paint sets up a bit, or else it might just turn out looking too sloppy.

The cars are also farther back in the larger piece so I might have to move one forward to help with the composition.

Richard Boyer

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