Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I'm still waiting on Lycos to switch over my domain name to my new website, they seem to be the most unprofessional company out there, with obviously the lowest customer service rating in history.

Well getting back to business, Mockingbird Gallery sold this large 40x40 painting today of Portland. They have had it for most of the summer, most likely because of its size. A painting this big commands a rather large wall to hang in on, and thats what most people don't have.

Southam gallery called me and wanted me to try an Aspen painting. They keep going up to Park City to look in the galleries up there and see what's selling. A few of their artists up in Park City just paint Aspen trees all the time and seem to be doing a good job at selling lots of them. So Linda got the idea to call all her artists and have them work on Aspen tree paintings for a show.

So on Saturday I blocked in this large 36x48 piece of Aspen trees in Fall color

This morning I worked more on the trees and yellows of the leaves. I'll let it set up over night and work some more on it tomorrow. Then I can bring up some more colors in certain areas. After looking at it I know I can get more texture in the trees, maybe use a pallet knife to get some thick paint on them

Richard Boyer

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