Saturday, October 31, 2015


Yes I'm ready for Halloween. On Wednesday we carves the pumpkins with some friends. We had a nice dinner and wine before the creative project got started. Then the table was covered with pumpkin guts as the carving got under way.

At the end we came up with some scary results!!  

This morning I changed the painting around that I got back from Jim at Mockingbird Gallery. The building was destroyed and a tree planted in its place.  Now the problem was once I removed the building I had to change a bunch of other thinks. Suddenly the sky was too empty, or rather there was just too much sky so the eye was traveling up there away from the center of focus, the road and cars.

 The tree I had to break up a bit and carry it over the top a little so the viewer wouldn't just race up a diagonal line off the upper left corner of the painting.  I added a light to that upper left side to bring a little yellow into the dark area. The sky was re-worked as well to add more definition to the clouds. Now I sent off an image to Jim, and he will forward it to the client….. we'll see what he says.

Richard Boyer

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