Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Back from Kansas and we had a really good time out there visiting my sister, parents and other family members. I thought it would be hot and muggy, but actually it was a little cooler than Salt Lake City. the humidity picked up the last day and I could see where that might drive you crazy. We did a lot of ATV driving around on the empty fields. Their neighbor owns 76 acres and they just finish bailing all the hay which they just left all around.  It really added to the scenery and would be worthy of painting. I kept thinking of Monet and his haystack paintings. As for the ATV driving, my daughter loved tearing around the haystacks. She even tried her luck at stick-shifting my sisters jeep out on the open grass. Hopefully the farmer won't mind all the skid marks left behind.

After showing this image to the Howard/Mandville Gallery, they were not too impressed with the forklift, they saw it with the city road crew workers as well and felt it would be a hard sale.  So I took everything out and put in a bus, now everyone is happier.

Richard Boyer

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