Monday, August 17, 2015


I went back into this one and added a figure down on the right side. It needed something down there, so the red umbrella helps. I also played up some of the reflections on the left side as well.

The 24x28 I also finished up with the road and tracks, playing around a little with the reflections. I used a pallet knife with a lot of the light areas to bring up the texture some more.. I kept the painting in a yellow light to try and harmonize the piece.

This 24x24 has gone through some changes. Originally I thought the forklift on the left side would be enough to carry the painting, or to balance off the painting, but it wasn't. It needed something more, so I figured a few workers in there would help, maybe to balance off the painting. 

After thinking about it, who would buy a painting of city road workers? So I'm changing them out, asking them to clean up the mess and exit the painting. I'll go for some people walking along a wider sidewalk on the left; trying to keep it all dark and loose so they won't be too defined.

Richard Boyer

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