Thursday, August 6, 2015


I finished off the large 40x40 painting; well at least until the critique session tonight. I might get some more input on a few things to change. I do like the angle of being at 10,000. feet with the morning light.  I was just thinking how lucky I was to get that shot, normally 9 times out of 10, London would be overcast or covered over in smog. I would love to do this to a few more well known cities, but the logistic would be next to impossible with the weather, right angle to the light and time of day. Maybe if I had my own helicopter?!

Next on the list was this piece. I painted in some of the buildings and worked on the road with tracks down the middle. Its going to need a few more sessions on it to bring it to life, but when done it should look real good with the reflections.

Richard Boyer

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