Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving dinner was nice we had the family and some friends over and one of the best turkeys, taste wise that I can remember. As usual it was a lot of food and wine that went late into the evening.

I started this 38x27 last week, its an odd size, but the Howard/Mandville Gallery said they have a frame size for this. They wanted a replacement painting for the one they sold. It still needs something more in the painting, so I figured I would set it aside for a while until an idea comes to me.  Potted flowers or a figure might just be the ticket to balance it out more.  I think I'll bring it to the crit session on Thursday and get some feedback.

This morning I had some time to work on a smaller 9x12 painting to practice the figure. These two I shot in Amsterdam the last time we were there. It was the last day and we all went out for a beer at a canal-side cafe, we had a little fun with the cameras in hand shooting all the people at the place and walking by.  It looks like he was really putting the pick-up moves on her with the body language. The reality is they were a couple already. I made them holding hands under the table.

Richard Boyer

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