Thursday, November 20, 2014


A few days ago Howard/Mandville Gallery sold this large 40x30 painting. they told me someone was buying it as an anniversary present…wow, is all I can say about that !!!

So the pressure was let up a little and I decided to work on something fun for a bit. this little 9x12 i did yesterday. Something bothered me about the guy, so I painted him over three times until I felt he was right.  I hate that when you have a painting in mind, but it takes so much longer than you think to get it on canvas, at least to get it right!

I think I'll title this "Who is she?"  It looks like she heard some bad news on the bridge.

Tomorrow I have a show with A.D. Shaw at Southam Gallery; A.D. is actually coming out with a book about his work and will be signing it. I once asked him what the A.D. stands for, but he said he would have to kill me if he told me!  Obviously a first name he was not happy about so he took the abbreviation instead.  It will be fun to hang out for that at the gallery.

I re-worked a 30x40 painting also for the show

The town of Bonnieux, which I did last year needed a road I thought. Something to bring the viewer into the work.

This is generally a lot of fun, playing around with a painting and trying different things here and there. The road I like since it invites you to slowly walk along the gravel path to the town.

Richard Boyer

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