Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Three weeks or more have gone by with the duplex on the market and still no real bites. I was kind of afraid of this, heading into the winter. Seems like most people buy houses in the Spring and Summer when all the flowers are out and lawns are green. So every week I go by to rake up leaves and leap the yard clean. They are having people interested and they do go through the place with clients, but no contracts have been signed.

I worked on this 12x16 yesterday and today of the Provo River up in Heber. Southam Gallery sold the other 12x16 river painting I did with Fly fishermen in it. They said it was out the door quite quick after I brought it in, so now they want more river works, especially from this area.

This one I also started today, its a new format for me. I'm doing a gallery wrap where the canvas is wrapped behind the stretch bars leaving the side of the painting clean of staples. then I'll float it in a more modern frame that I'll make from wood myself. Kim from Southam Gallery thought maybe I should try more contemporary frames for those clients living in modern homes, as she put it glass houses.  The nice thing is that I can do odd sizes, I'm not bound by ready made frames. This one is 14x26 inches.

Richard Boyer

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