Friday, November 7, 2014


I finished off the painting of Charlotte today. The way the dress was blowing in the earlier version made her look a little fat, thick at the waist. And I know she would not approve of that. the wind was actually filling up the dress from underneath, so I had to lie a bit and take it down in the waist area. I also added more color to the dress pattern and the towels she is carrying.

The path has a nice lead-in which I like, your eye moves up it to the top of the dune where the clouds have a diagonal to counteract the hill.  I'll keep it around the studio for a while to make sure there is no last minute changes I want to do before handing it off to the Southam Gallery.

The Zions show went well last night. Several artist friends of ours sold rather well. They seem to be able to pull in the high end buyers at that event.

Richard Boyer

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