Tuesday, December 2, 2014


With the Oil Painters of America show deadline coming up soon I figured it best to start working on a few paintings, something I can throw up against the judges. I was rejected last year, so I got a bone to pick with them!

I'll go for two images both 20x30 inches in size. So the block-in here is of a scene I painted in Coos Bay.  While driving around with Dutch Mostert we stopped off at this river outlet where some kids were playing in the sand, trying to dam off the water. My kids would have wanted to do the same thing as well, so if I can capture the light it will make for a great subject matter.

Number two block-in was actually just 100 feet away looking towards the open ocean at sunset. there I was photographing a family playing in the water. Once again the bright light of the setting sun will be the key to a successful painting. the contrast with the yellow light was gorgeous as I remember.

Richard Boyer

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