Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I've been busy lately with the duplex, working and working trying to get everything done before putting it on the market. The list seems to never end. We did get new carpet put in through-out which really made a difference.  I'm now working on the front doors adding some fancy woodwork to spice them up a bit; still have to find a nice bold color to paint them with. 

This painting I'm been having some fun with. I looked it over and found it too blue/green, it needed a little more variation in color.

I went back into the piece and changed the color of the boats first off, adding reds and orange to the sail covers and pin striping along the side of the hulls.  Then I thought it needed a little life in it, so why not put some figures on the Canadian boat and a third figure in the center one. It will still need some fine tuning, but I feel its heading more now in the right direction.

Richard Boyer

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