Thursday, September 25, 2014


This morning I decided to do a quick 12x9 study. It would be nice to practice more of these. I seem to always get caught up in gallery obligations. This Saturday morning I'll be leaving bright and early for the 6:00am drive to Coos Bay, Oregon to pick up my work from their show. The drive is around 14-15 hours, but if it's any consolation I do gain an hour as I cross into Pacific Time Zone. The museum did actually manage to sell one small 11x14

A study I did over in Stockholm of some wooden boats. So it's one less to carry back. the car should be loaded to the top since I'll be doing some painting there on location as well as in Bend, Oregon for the Mockingbird Gallery. The trip will last about a week to paint outdoors and it will be fun to plein air paint again…that is if the weather agrees. the forecast for Friday and Saturday is rain, so maybe with some luck I'll drive right through the front to the back side and enjoy some sun on the coast.

Richard Boyer

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