Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, Sept.8

Between working at the duplex on different projects I did manage to squeeze off this small 11x14 study in the early mornings.  This one will also be sent to the Howard/Mandville Gallery show next month.  I'm calling it "Port to Port".  The other small 11x14 got a lot of response on Facebook, so I might get a good high resolution image of it made for a limited edition print.

I've finally come to the realization that I need to diversify a little into the print market. Several artists I met in Coos Bay were doing this and it seemed like a good addition to their income, a little something extra on the side.

This one I worked on in the morning, mainly the water and lilly pads around the boat. I have added a lot of Cadmium yellow dark to the Cobalt Blue which captures that evening light well.  The figures will need a lot more work, but at least I wanted to get the environment they are in right.

Now its back off to my second job, the duplex renovation.  Todays project in grouting a new hearth I had to put in the north unit, the old one had settled away from the fireplace and the old tile on it was cracked apart. The next job is putting in a white picket fence gate in the front.

Richard Boyer

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