Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm back from southern Utah. I could have posted from down there if I had one of those smart phones, unfortunately I just have a simple dumb phone with no internet.  The trip was productive with the group of artist I traveled with; which is usually the case. I would be full of energy in the morning for the first session, then still ready to go in the afternoon.  Some of our members would burn out in the afternoon yet come alive in the evening; so I would be grudgingly hauled along to do the sunset painting, which more or less turned out quite nice!. All in all I did around 12 paintings on location, sometimes working on three in one day.  So now during the week as I work on them I'll put up the pictures.

Today I decided to work on this painting I started of Copenhagen, with all the perspective and rigging it will take some time to do. Not unlike the last boat painting I did.

Well as I was down there painting away in Kanab, Jim Peterson texted me with the good news that he sold two of my pieces at the gallery.  Both of them figurative paintings, which I am glad for since it's been a little dry lately.

Richard Boyer 

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