Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Aug. 19

So we tried another route up to Devil's Castle by Alta, Utah. Saturday afternoon we drove up to Albion Basin Camp grounds at around 10,000 and spent the night for the Sunday climb  The weather was quite a bit cooler up there.

Here was an evening shot of our goal from the camp ground.

In the morning we had more moose visiting us for breakfast.  We broke camp and started hiking up the mountain, actually one of the ski runs we take in winter.

Once we hit the ridge there was a nice view looking down into Heber and Midway on the other side. 

We tried walking along the ridge-line but found it to be too rocky with up and down climbs. So we descended down a bit and took a steep angled walk along the slope to just below the peak and went up from there. The top offered spectaculars views all around and we ended up staying there for close to an hour watching a glider soaring high above the mountains.

Tomorrow I am heading down to Mount Carmel in Southern Utah, there is a painting festival down there with quite a number of well known artists. Bryce Liston and I wanted to brush a bit with them. 

Richard Boyer 

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  1. Hey Richard

    Not sure how many people are still in the market for a 2013 calendar (even though it might be "New" as advertised)

    Might be time to update to 2014.

    Just a thought.

    -- Larry Darkness