Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, Aug. 12

For the last couple days we have been watching the Tour of Utah bike race, wondering how anyone could have the energy to race full out, one hundred miles a day for five or six days. Legs of iron comes to mind!

Well yesterday we decided to try our own iron man activity by climbing up Devils Castle at Alta Ski resort. The top elevation just 30 feet shy of 11,000 on the right summit. 

Here is our goal from the shore of Secret Lake. From here we slogged up the steep scree field of loose rocks between the summit and mount Sugarloaf.

After a few hours we made it to the top of the ridge-line.

The rest of the way to the actual rock summit was along the knife edge ridge with some good exposure along 800 foot cliffs. We met several climbing parties just making it up to the summit as well. Lina my daughter loved it. 

Here we are at the top.

When we finally made it back to the car we were greeted by a few moose waiting for us. They seemed rather confused about the parking lot and took their time crossing in front of the car.

Richard Boyer 

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