Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, Nov.13

So over the weekend we got over four feet of snow in the mountains.  Here in the Avenues I must have shoveled two feet of wet heavy snow and as expected my back feels it. Our backyard here looks like a winter wonderland!  With all this new snow most of the major ski resorts are opening up this week, Brighton has opened for today.

To counteract the snow, I decided to work on this small beach painting, where the temperature is near 80 degrees with a light breeze blowing!  I got a few back from Howard/Mandville Gallery and decided to attack this one.  There was a rather large figure in the foreground, so I painted her out and put a group of people in the middle ground and re-painted the water.  now I think it looks a lot better and could maybe sell at the Southam Gallery show this Friday.

Richard Boyer

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