Thursday, November 1, 2012


I've been working slowly on the boat painting here, seems to be taking it's time, I've been pre-occupied with other things lately.  But I did work on the water, now I have to bring the figures up to a better level than just the block-in stage, also the boat.  Once that is done then I can start orchestrating the entire piece so it looks more finished.

Last night we went to the "Blue October" concert.  Our neighbor Rose got some "meet the band" tickets; so we went earlier at four in the afternoon to meet the group and listen to them do their sound check.  It was interesting but hard on the feet, since I was standing basically the entire day from painting in the morning to meeting them, then waiting in line to stand at the concert until one in the morning.  Now we did get in early and got to the very front row, close enough to see everything including the sweat!

The group put on a perfect performance as usual with Justin, the lead singer's emotional music. Nick got a few iPhone pics from the performance I thought I would share with you. The warm up band "Silent Film" from England were also very good. I bought their signed CD at the show.

Lead singer Justin Furstenfeld

here is his main side man, violinist Ryan Delahoussaye

Richard Boyer

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