Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, Nov. 19

I worked some more on the Bonnieux painting. The background I felt needed to be defined before I could continue with the rest of the village.  Also with the clouds in place it makes a lot more sense with the light logic.

Over the weekend it was pointed out to me that the calendar I am selling has a mistake or two. It took a neighbor to see the glaring mistake the layout person did from the print company.  He put January first as a Friday, when it should be on a Tuesday. So as a result all the dates for January are messed up and the buyer will need to correct it with a pen or sharpie.  He also gave February 31 days ?!!  I sent off an angry email to him, but it's all too late  Now I have a quirky calendar with the month of January off, maybe it will become a collectors item like the stamps that were printed up-side down by the Postal Service.

Richard Boyer

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  1. I was under the impression that February 31 always fell on April 1.

    Larry Darkness