Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I n a week I leave for Bend, Oregon; they are having a plein air event with all their artists.  So we will all be painting the landscape around the area for a show at the end of the week.  And hopefully I will be able to sell something to make the trip worthwhile, or at least to cover the gas costs.  These events are always fun, but you do want to have a few sold to pay for the trip in the end.

Southam Gallery will also be having a show when I get back and they wanted a nice 24x36 beach painting.  With that in mind I started this piece from southern Sweden and want to really play up the red umbrella. When I saw this it really popped out against the green grasses so I must have shot dozens of pictures.  Luckily the woman behind it didn’t notice – the Paparazzi at work shooting her umbrella!!

Richard Boyer

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