Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10

My job was tearing down a garden house up at the cabin.  This garden house, I must add was built by somebody who had no knowledge about carpentry.  One obvious clue was that you could push on the structure and it would sway a bit.  In the inside he wrote on a board that it was built with 80% recycled materials, meaning that he glued together small scraps of wood and screwed them to the side to build the wall.  With nails it is quite easy to take something down, especially with a good-sized hammer.  Screws on the other hand you need to screw out with a drill bit, which takes forever when they are all stripped. I had some four-letter words to say about the incompetence of the builder on many an occasion.

Well I did manage to paint in the mornings.  The Howard/Mandville Gallery is having a miniature show later on in the fall and they wanted a small boat piece.  So I did this little one of some boats in Stockholm.

Richard Boyer

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