Thursday, September 27, 2012


I met up with most of the artists the other day at a spot along the Fall River south of Bend. Craig Zuger drove us to the remote location that I would have never found in a million years.  Driving through the fog – or smoke with the fires raging the way they are - Craig got lost….  A “Local” was lost, so yeah I would definitely be still driving around the dirt roads looking for life and civilization.  The fog as it turned out quickly burned away to brilliant sun.

This river seems to be popular with all the hard-core fly fishermen there.  Setting up next to them we heard all the tales of how good the area is, world famous by some. To me it was just another river….I kept that to myself, lest to offend the die-hards.

My first painting of the morning was the falls down river.  It looked like a nice spot to set up by the river and bask in the sun.  The other day it was cold in the shade by Sparks Lake, so this was a good change to feel warm again.

In the afternoon I worked on this one.  The guy in the painting told me he comes up here five times a week to fish with his dog.  He might have been what some people call extreme….

Richard Boyer

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