Friday, September 21, 2012


I have been painting up at the cabin again, not only on the canvas but also the living room wall.  It was time for a fresh coat of paint to cover up the dingy old stuff.  That meant patching all the holes and preparing the surface. Grant it I still feel the place needs to be torn down completely and re-build from the ground up; but that won’t happen until I win the lottery.

As for the real painting I decided to re-work some parts of the beach scene here.  The grass needed to be lighter and the water had to have an overhaul.  It just wasn’t there yet so I re-painted areas.  I also decided on some clouds in the sky, so now it feels done.  I guess it better be since I sent off the image to the Southam Gallery. They are having a show in mid October and requested a beach painting from me.

Tomorrow I will be driving to Bend, Oregon and the Mockingbird Gallery.  Jim Peterson is having a weeklong plein-air painting event where all his artists’ head up into the mountains and paint on location.  We have several days to finish the work and then we hand them into the gallery for a show.  It’s actually a fun event going out with other artists to paint and the area around the eastern side of the Cascade Range is beautiful.  All the rain clouds, you would expect along the northwest coast are held back by the mountains, so Bend is actually quite sunny and dry.

Richard Boyer

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