Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My wife’s brother took off for Sweden this morning, the long eighteen hour travel time, only to arrive in the morning with a full day ahead of you.  That’s the part of the trip I hate.  He had a good time seeing some of the sights up in Yellowstone that he has never seen before and bought enough cloths on sale to fill up an extra suitcase. Whenever the factory outlet shops in Park City have a sale you can end up buying far too much.

This is how it looked before

I worked on this piece today and as you can see did some major changes to it. The back wall bothered me so much that I had to get rid of that funny architectural thing on top and put in a normal wall with window.  I then added more climbing roses to the wall and a few more flower pots in the lower right. Now it feels more inviting with a lead in for the eye to wander up the steps.  I still have a little to do with the background at the top of the stairs. 

Richard Boyer


  1. I like how you so effortlessly (or so it seems) changed the architecture and grew flowers while still retaining a look of reality. You're capturing some great light. I like how inviting the changes made the painting feel. Good eye!