Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21

Man verses Bison is never a good mix, especially when they out weigh you by 2000 pounds. By the sight of some of the dented vehicles, not even a car is a good match against them. 

April and May is the time of the young calves and that usually means an over protective mother, still some people like to challenge it and end up with their organs re-arranged.

With this in mind I took my shots with some distance and the protection of the car. This one made sure of it!

The bison generally like to use the road for quick travel from one pasture to the other, or in this case to get across the river. The cars they seem to be indifferent to, this is why if they get to close in a group you might be looking at several thousand in body work to the door panels.

This one I had some wet soft ground between so I was able to get down low with the telephoto and shoot some good close-ups.

Richard Boyer

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