Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday, May 14

There are the usual Birthday parties and then there are those parties to celebrate the turning of a decade in age. Some are more milestone than others of course and such was the case with Karin over the weekend.  We were told by several friends to vacate the house for the day and not to come back until six in the evening; and with mild concern not to ask any questions.  We obliged, taking extra cloths with us to deal with the heat of the day and a dance performance at Kingsbury Hall that afternoon featuring our daughter.

At six in evening we returned to our house transformed into an Italian restaurant; a large fully set formal table in the living room with seven course menu on each plate. Out on the back porch a setup of small bistro tables, adorned with provincial table cloths and sunflowers. A spread of Antipasto and champagne waiting off to the side; at least they didn’t re-paint the walls.

The women in charge introduced the hired hands!!!

We were told after a few bottles of Fresco Prosecco had been finished off that it was time to come into the main dinning hall. The crew brought in from another room the first dish of pasta and Chianti. From then on the wine and food seemed to flow for several hours. Speeches were recited with embarrassment in mind for Karin. This is usually when a parent wishes they had ear plugs for the kids, “You did what when you were a teenager!?”

Yes, things happened at the party where is wouldn't be appropriate to repeat, embarrassing events all witnessed and brought up in full detail be the employed children the next day.  The party was good chatting with friends we hadn't seen in a while.

At four in the morning the last guests left and we crawled into bed. Sunday was a day of rest in more than one way.

Richard Boyer

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