Thursday, May 17, 2012


My wife’s brother arrived on Tuesday from Sweden, staying a week to help celebrate her birthday.  He missed the dinner party last weekend, but we planned for another event up to West Yellowstone this weekend. He has never been up north to the geysers and “Old Faithful”. This time of season the Bison are walking right by the road with their new born calves and it can really make for some nice photos.

 So back to business, the Howard/Mandville Gallery wanted a vertical Provincial piece; as they put it something quiet, no people, no busy cafés, just quiet!

With that in mind I started this alleyway view with the morning light coming around the corner.  This is just the block-in

Then I defined more the stone structure and the light on the buildings. I’ll bring up the tree which has flowers in next week when we get back.


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