Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I worked on the background cliffs this morning. Just had to make sure the values and colors were all close enough so as to push it back into space. I'll get larger value and color jumps as the cliffs come closer to the viewer.

I'm leaving for a six day river trip down the San Juan this Friday. This is that trip I talked about earlier with Dave Strayer and all the research scientists. I will be the token artist, kind of like the pet dog being brought along for the trip! So every day I have been slowly getting my things together and putting them in a corner of the basement. I have about seven canvases I'll be taking with, so I've designed a rocket box to hold wet paintings and most of the painting material.

I picked up one of those Soltec easels the other day and found out that it doesn't hold as much as my French easel, so the extra tubes of paint will have to go in the box with the wet paintings.

We tend to eat really well on these trip. I made a lasagna and Strayer will be bringing with a dutch oven, so I don't think anyone will be going hungry. A few boxes of wine and cases of beer will also be with to wash down the food.

The one thing that is still missing and I have been looking all over the place for it ! Is the star chart and binoculars, last time we were there Nick brought them with and the star gazing was amazing, we actually had a good view of the Andromeda Galaxy with just some simple binoculars.

Richard Boyer

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