Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10

Monday is just one of those days.

Yesterday Victor and I decided to go on-line and see what kind of airfare prices we could get over to Sweden. We settled in on and found some prices that were competitive, still expensive as hell, but what else can you do. So we booked marked the page. I went there to buy the tickets about two hours ago. As soon as I started clicking on the desired flights, up popped the message “Sorry this flight is no longer available at this price!” It was doing that with every offer I clicked on. I’d had enough, so I called up……that was a joke!

After waiting for twenty minutes they patched me through to some call center in India, why does every airline and website put you though to @#%@ India?

The guy, who was basically clueless, answers the phone like he is in a speed reading contest, most of which I can not understand. I gave up asking him to repeat every other sentence. From what I could understand, the airlines where all changing their prices and nothing was actually up to date…………”so like what is the point of your web site, if none of the prices even are real?” I asked

“No problem, I can help you!”, was my response. It took a while to explain that I was just looking for the best route over the Atlantic without half a dozen stops. His last offer was a flight from Salt Lake via L.A, Houston, Philadelphia, then over to Frankfurt and up to Stockholm. All for the price of $1,600…………….”your kidding, aren’t you?” and I hung up! That flight took close to two days in flight time!

I called SAS and they told me $2,600. per person was their best offer, I hung up again! Keep in mind I’m buying for five! By this point I had been messing around with various people for close to two hours trying to get a price that wouldn’t mean taking out a second mortgage.

Finally I was beginning to see that KLM had the cheaper fares over there from the various websites, so I looked at their site and booked some tickets there. At $ 1,350 each, it was the lowest I could find !!!.........damn these airlines must be making a good profit!

I finished off the 30x40 painting

And started another Grand Canyon piece.

Richard Boyer

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