Friday, May 7, 2010


How do real estate agents put it? "and its sooooo charming!"......which of course translates into "its ridiculously small."

Such is Rick's humble abode!

We all stuffed ourselves into his living room last night for the crit session. Surprisingly it worked out rather well, although getting any distance form the work wasn't much of an option. The snack table was placed right in front of me, so very quickly the pizza got smaller and smaller.

I arrived late, after ten, with Victors school play. Karin didn't want to admit that the whole production could have been shortened by about an hour! I noticed a lot of parents looking at their watches.

The lazer pointer was passed around and the critiquing got to a late start, but nevertheless went smooth. The only problem being that I call it quites after twelve. With the kids getting up at seven, I can't pull all nighters. Robert was the last one to pull out his works, but I had to leave. I think we really have to get the sessions started much earlier, the only problem is convincing the other critters to show up earlier so we can make it a reality.

Richard Boyer

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