Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today I worked more on the 30x40, trying to get as much done as possible on it. I’m always amazed at people who can finish off something that large at one sitting. Richard Schmid seems to come to mind there, as for me…….forget it !

It could still use another day or two depending on how rough the critique committee will be tonight. I know it needs to be warmed up a bit in the foreground and maybe break up some of the dense green foliage overhead. Some sky holes might fix that problem?

Tonight Victor’s school, the Salt Lake Arts Academy is putting on their annual fund raising play. The entire school is involved in this theater production, a play that has been several months in the working. And tonight is the family night, where everyone can go with the kids and watch their older brother of sister perform. Tomorrow in the fancy formal performance, a dress up, wine sipping event which will cost you fifty dollars a ticket. Its all for a good cause, so most everyone will show up. We are signed for both evenings.

Rick Graham will be hosting the crit session tonight, since this play will take a little longer, I most likely won’t be there until 10:00.

Richard Boyer

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