Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here is Monday's model session at Rick's place. We worked on her for about two and a half hours. Last night we also had Karin's mother arriving in from Sweden. Markus, our oldest picked her up at the airport from her dazed 18 hour flight. When I got back at 9:30, she was still up; real time for her would have been six in the morning!

Elsie will be staying for four weeks or so, which for us is great. She loves to take over in the kitchen and help with the kids.

I did another small 14x11 piece this morning for the gallery in Santa Fe, its actually another window from Provence. It was quick and fun to do. I need to do more of these, since its good practice to get the entire piece finished in one session. It generally translates into thick brush stokes to get it done.

I also worked on the other four 12x16's from last week, so these I'll also throw in the box and send off today or tomorrow.

Richard Boyer

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